Kingsley Spur Straps - Old Roses + Rose Gold
Beautiful Leather Spur Straps by Kingsley in leather 261 "Old Roses", with rose gold hardware. Can be custom ordered in any of the Kingsley leathers. One Size
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Kingsley Aspen Special
Kingsley’s entry-level boot is available in 11 colors and comes with customisable top and pipings. Equipped with an elastic insert at the back, this boot is well suited for growing...
Kingsley Olbia
An all-round riding boot for any equestrian discipline, and within the Kingsley range, the one with the most extensive customization options. Olbia 1 - A soft dress boot with no laces and...
Kingsley Boot Bag
High quality boot bag by Kingsley featuring two separate departments for each boot, padded inside with pockets for spurs. Two carrying straps, one at the top and one over the...
Kingsley Care - Cream
This conditioning cream is specially formulated for the maintenance and protection of your Kingsley boots! Available in a colour-neutral formula, black, or brown.
Kingsley Care - Spray
This cleaning spray is specially formulated for the maintenance and protection of your Kingsley boots! Make sure to select the appropriate formula for the type of leather you will be...
Kingsley Amsterdam - In Stock
The Kingsley Amsterdam is a sturdy yet stylish short boot made of waterproof leather. The foot bed offers a lot of support and is very comfortable. The wood colored sole...
Kingsley Berlin - In Stock
Short boot with zipper at the back and elastic on the ankle. This is our current in-stock selection! When you select a size, the photo shown will be the available...
Kingsley Olbia 01 - 40.5/MA/S
A soft dress boot with no laces and rear zipper. Features leather 100 Natural Kaki throughout. Complimented by leather 180 Bronze Utterly Anna Top and parts along the zipper. Using leather 406...
Kingsley London 01 - 38/MA/M
A polo-inspired boot with front zipper. Available with one or two straps and our signature Kingsley buckles. Made with their high quality 293 Natural Black leather and 320 Abidja Dark Brown leather...
Kingsley Orlando 02 - 39.5/A/XS Waterproof with Sheepskin
Riding boot with a zipper on the inside and a lace on the front. The advantage of this is that you can use the lace to create a larger or...
Kingsley Aspen 01 Special - 38/MA/XL
A fantastic starter riding boot by Kingsley, with a zipper at the back and an elastic insert that creates extra freedom of movement. Great option for the amateur or young...