Spooks Classic Halter + Lead
High quality halter with SPOOKS logo and lead rope.Size: full & cob
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Premiere Leather Halter
Luxury leather halter with a shaped headpiece and shaped noseband, both with soft padded lining. The halter is adjustable at both sides. In addition to the brass-coloured fittings, the left...
Premiere Leather Lead Chain
Leather lead chain (19 mm) with 45 cm gold-coloured chain with swivel snap hook. The leather part is 150 cm long.
Premiere Lead Chain Supersoft
Polyester rope with brass chain and snap hook.
BR Grooming Halter
Nylon halter with a fleece padding. The halter is adjustable on both sides and has three quick-relase clips on the bottom to loosen the halter. So you can brush the...
BR Glasgow Leather Halter
Luxurious halter made of high-quality Eurpean leather. Its headpiece is softly padded and can be adjusted with a buckle on both sides. The rolled throatlash is detachable by means of...
BR Patent Halter
Stylish leather halter with patent leather, round raised noseband, cheekpieces and crownpiece. The noseband and crownpiece have soft leather lining. The crownpiece is adjustable at both sides and the halter...