Ecogold Stabilizer™ Half Pad
The Stabilizer™ half pad is a hypo-allergenic, non-slip pad, made with a high-density 100% breathable foam that absorbs shock and moves impact laterally, protecting the horse’s back.
Ecogold Flip Half Pad
What’s better than one half pad? Two half pads!! Introducing the Flip Half Pad, ECOGOLD’s reversible half pad in Dressage style. Get a perfectly contoured pad to fit both your...
BR Half Pad
Cotton half pad with medicinal sheepskin underside and border. With cut-away for the vertebral canal.
BR Gel Pad
Flat gel pad filled with Alfa gel. Round back model, 10 mm thick. Covered with vinyl and therefore easy to clean. This gel pad guarantees maximum shock absorption and corrects...